It's launch day!

Today is the day that Serendipity Blockchain Solutions has officially launched! We are, from this moment on, officially incorporated in the Netherlands with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under KvK number 72275413. 

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So what is it that Serendipity Blockchain Solutions does?

You love your business, you have put your heart and soul into it, and it is working. However, all the latest buzz around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is making you nervous. Because it feels like you are missing out on opportunities for growth. But, now you are thinking, “who has time to run both a business and explore all the options in the world of blockchain?” That is where Serendipity Blockchain Solutions comes in: we make time so you can grow your brand. We do not tell people what to do, or how they should do it, because in reality that is not hard to do. What we do is the hard part: we explore the variety in options, curate them and provide feedback to the company. We do this strategically and respectfully, so you can focus on the business’ core. While you are building the brand, we are focusing on social media engagement, whitepaper proofreading, writing and translating. Additionally, we will actively work in our role as a strategic advisor. At Serendipity, we will work with colleagues and clients to assist you in making the best decisions suitable for your business.

You can read more about our services here.

Celebrate with us!

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