The team of Serendipity expends!

Welcome aboard!

Today is a great plus one news day. Natasha Milosevic has joined our team on July 30th. Natasha will work as a personal assistant and she will help with time and daily management, scheduling of meetings, correspondence, and customer engagement. She will have a varied and distinct role within Serendipity Blockchain Solutions. So, if you are as delighted as we are, let Natasha know that you are excited about her joining our team.

Natasha has been a solid asset to the team of Ternio and has worked with them passionately for the previous 6 months. She will bring a wealth of knowledge and information with her. Natasha is a loyal, hard working and honest person. She is tenacious in solving problems and has an incredible commitment to achieving her objectives. People respect her within the Ternio community and it will be a pleasure for both parties working together! 

With the imminent launch of Serendipity we are happy that we have been able to get Natasha on board and we are certain that her expertise will help us making Serendipity a success.