Our Mission

We have committed ourselves to excel. At Serendipity we value timeliness, honesty and mutual respect. We strive to exceed our customers expectations, while delivering on promises. In an ever-changing ecospace, such as blockchain and fintech, we aim for simplicity and clarity. In everything we do, our aim is to act with honesty, openness, fairness and integrity. We are committed to provide your business with the possibilities and solutions that fit best with your goals.

We help your business apply the power of Blockchain and DLT.

Our Services

ICO advising and consulting

Running a successful ICO requires much more than just having a great project idea and beautiful website nowadays. There are dozens of new ICOs every week, competition is fierce and you need to find a good way to tell the world how you are different and better. Consultants and advisors have now become almost a mandatory must-have in order to ensure the credibility and feasibility of your ICO. For example: we can help you with your token design, financial modeling, act as an escrow and more.

Brand strategy, marketing and networing

We can push out marketing campaigns, competitions and day-to-day activities regarding social media channels. We develop relevant content to reach target customers and increase brand awareness. Social media managing, such as Telegram, Twitter and Reddit is also part of our portfolio. Often people forget that social media management goes beyond just posting updates to your company’s social media profiles. It also includes engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility.

Crypto Content Creation

As a founder or project owner you will ultimately want people to know about your project. What better way is there, then to get the word out about your project. We put you in touch with Crypto Content Creators, who will conduct reviews, interviews and / or overviews of your project. An “influencer’s” reach is critical, however one should know the difference between micro and macro influencers and whether they have solid engagement and resources. At Serendipity, we have selected a few Crypto Content Creators whose public work offers insight into the present and future of the industry. Nothing but the best for your project!

Community Management

For most brands, companies and projects one of the most important and often overlooked activities is community management. Having a perfectly managed community helps you increase you customer’s satisfaction, sales and the long-term survivability of your business. We will do everything in our power to have positive customers by monitoring and moderating your social media channels and engaging with your community.

Smart contract services

A smart contract is created and stored on the blockchain to provide legally binding transactions that can be self-executed by the two parties. It helps in exchanging tokens related to money, shares, property, or any value in a transparent manner while avoiding the need for any middleman or third party. Due to this, smart contracts have been booming and are one of the most needed services in the crypto ecospace. Smart contracts are especially the backbone of your ICO. They enable not just the minting of your new tokens, but their distribution, resale, any inflation mechanics and much more.

Whitepaper Services

Almost every week, we see new blockchain projects or cryptocurrencies pop up. Usually accompanied by a whitepaper stating that their new technologies will revolutionize the industry. Whitepapers have come to be known as an essential part of creating a new blockchain project or cryptocurrency. Investors, businesspeople, and developers expect to see a document that explains what problem the project solves and how it solves these problems. At Serendipity we can design your whitepaper, we are able to proofread your document for simple and complex errors. Lastly, we offer whitepaper writing services. All these aspects ought to be quite the task – hours lost in research, transcribing and formatting your whitepaper. You don’t want to waste your precious time, when we can do it for you.

Web Design

Web designers often talk about the importance of a good, user-friendly web design. Because, in today’s world a good web design is about usability, user experience, and content. There are real-world consequences for neglecting your website, which are not always taken serious.. Our process of web design encompasses several different aspects, thinking of webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. Moreover, we will create a customized and fitting logo for your company or brand if there is demand for it on your side.

Meet the team

Dennis is the founder of Serendipity Blockchain Solutions. He is an entrepeneur with almost 10 years experience in retail, financing and customer service. He has worked with multiple start-ups and ICOs, specializing in social media growth & interaction, marketing & sales and budget management. He always had a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, sustainable development and the environment.

He completed a Bachelor's Degree in Earth Sciences, where he started off in the fields of geology and geochemistry, but ultimately changed course towards (past and future) climate change and sustainable development. A big focus of his study has been on natural resources (including water), land use, and socio-economic aspects that are of importance for long term changes for the benefit of a sustainable Earth.

Natasha Milosevic  Social Media Manager

Natasha Milosevic
Social Media Manager

Natasha has been researching cryptocurrencies and blockchain for just over 2 years. She has dedicated her time to research ever since. She has worked in the fields of real estate, online shopping platforms and social media management. Natasha has been a solid and respected asset to the team of Ternio and has worked with them passionately. Natasha is a loyal, hard working and honest person. She is tenacious in solving problems and has an incredible commitment to achieving her objectives. 

Eric H. den Boer  Smart Contract Developer

Eric H. den Boer
Smart Contract Developer

Eric has over 15 years experience in the field of software and systems development, with 6 years of those as an entrepreneur. When it comes to software and systems development he specializes in software optimization and software and systems security. He is an ISO 27001 internal auditor and has experience in several industries, working on enterprise-level projects, such as fintech, judiciary, communication and localization/tracking systems and oil & gas. He has a passion for paradigm-shifting technology.

Our Clients & Partners

Strategic partners are important and we should be able to learn and benefit from each other. As we seek new approaches to grow at Serendipity Blockchain Solutions, we try to deliver value to existing and new clients with new partnerships. 

We are always looking for partnerships that can grant us a competitive edge, additional resources, grow our customer base, help us reach new markets and strengthen our weak aspects. 

Ternio's mission is to accelerate the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency into everyday life. Ternio created Lexicon, a high-speed blockchain framework capable exceeding 1 million transactions per second, all on a chain. Ternio is also the creator of the BlockCard: a crypto debit card enabling cardholders to spend their cryptocurrency.


The European Cryptocurrency Exchange is a new cryptocurrency exchange with a global focus, based in the Netherlands, filling the European gap in secure and regulated exchanges aimed at the professional retail trader and boutique firms. The EUCX platform is focused on the demanding and professional trader. Including the upper segment of retail trader and boutique firms.


Nozem is an easy-to-use platform for HR, with a built-in app store. Nozem is based off both the Stellar network and Hyperledger Fabric and it is designed to help HR departments in organizations of any size to carry out their work more efficiently, for a fraction of the cost of current HR-software on the market.


Crypto Content Creators

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We understand that customers have a choice with whom they conduct business. That is why we recognize that we should be in close contact with our customers to provide high quality products and services at a fair price.  The team at Serendipity focuses on supplying customers excellence in those services and products with the highest desire to gain total customer satisfaction. We hope to build a reliable, trustworthy and healthy relationship with our customers through our honest way of work.

Feel free to contact us. If you are unable to reach us, please leave a message and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us as well.



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